Luca Colombo

New Sales Manager for Africa, Russia and Middle East

Area of expertise
With a large experience in the sales department for industrial hoses within Trelleborg, he started in Italy to manage export markets, outside Europe.
Luca is very active in developing new countries for our sales, ready to travel and meet customers and agents all over the world. Not afraid to spend time in travelling he’s an active player in Sales Excellence program, always looking for value proposition and focusing on new sustainable businesses.
Luca has a good knowledge on how to use social media to support its sales development in his new area.

Years of experience
More than 20 years in sales department for hoses, assemblies, rubber sheeting and expansion joints business, back office then country manager in Italy, starting to manage Africa few years ago to finally jump into Region Area Manager. 

Fun Fact
For Luca taking a plane is always a new and nice experience, normally he sits close to the window looking for new landscapes. Each it’s possible Luca likes running because it’s his best way to have a clear mindset.

luca colombo

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