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With over 1.000 employees and a head office located in Clermont-Ferrand in France, Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions is a leading global manufacturer, proposing high performance and optimal solutions for every situation, including low and medium pressure industrial hose, oil and marine hoses, rubber sheeting and matting and expansion joints. These solutions are based on advanced polymer technology and are produced in France, Spain, Sweden and Brazil. Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions offers a large range of competitive products, solutions and services that meet your needs and requirements for all types of applications and industries.

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Agriculture & Forestry

Spraying Hose and Green House Hoses

Offshore Oil & Gas applications

Floating Oil & Marine hoses

Construction & Mining Equipment

Guniting Hoses

Medical Devices & Life sciences

Breathing Hoses and Pharmaceutical Hoses

Building & Construction

Cleaning Hoses for Drain & Sewage Systems

Processing Equipment

- Food hoses and Chemical hoses

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About Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions

The company has roots reaching as far back as the 1880's when Mathieu Bergougnan and Johan Koch
ran their respective businesses in France and in Sweden, focusing on rubber tires.
Kléber Industrie and Ibercaucho started slightly later, and the four companies led their separate lives in the same business areas.
In 1996, Trelleborg acquired Bergougnan, Kléber and Ibercaucho - and Trelleborg Fluid Handling Solutions came in to being.

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