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EPC Contractor

We know you need solutions that maximize revenue and deliver peace of mind.  That’s why we provide the most cost-effective systems, designed to deliver value over the long term, with quick and hassle free installation.   

Supporting EPC Contractors

Tight timelines demand fast responses

We know you need the most in depth know-how from your supplier, and you need this expertise in all aspects of the project.  But you also need expertise to be coupled with a fast response, good quality solutions, and thoroughly-tested products. 

That’s why we deliver proven and cost-effective solutions in the shortest time possible to maximize your revenue. This also provides another important thing - peace of mind for you.

Cost effective solutions  

We understand your drive for the highest quality solutions, but we also understand that you need the best value solutions so you can deliver on budget. 

We engineer ingenuity every day, and can tailor a solution that precisely meets your requirements, and delivers value over the long term.  

Hassle free installation 

At Trelleborg, we know you need straight forward processes to ensure you can deliver on time and on budget, with no surprises along the way.  

Technical information, testing documentation, certification and guarantees come as standard to make your installation as stress free as possible.  

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