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Tunnel Segment Gaskets

Trelleborg's engineered products operation has unrivalled expertise in seal design and elastomer technology, and is the world’s leading manufacturer of elastomeric gaskets for immersed, cut & cover and bored tunnels. For the segmental lining of bored tunnels Trelleborg supplies tunnel segment gaskets (TSGs). Since 1985, our gaskets have been successfully supplied to major segmentally lined tunnel projects around the world. The TSGs, which are located in pre-cast grooves encircling the mating faces of each segment, give a secure rubber-to-rubber waterproof seal as soon as the segments are fixed together.


When specifying TSGs for segmented tunnel applications, there are a number of factors which need to be taken into account. It is the particular combination of factors in each case which determines the eventual choice of gasket, which in turn ensures an efficient, watertight seal over the projected service life of the tunnel. Upon request we can forward a Specification Guide which lists these factors.

On the basis of information provided, Trelleborg will be able to specify the most suitable and economical TSG for a particular application.To ease the selection process, we will work with you to identify, test and demonstrate the appropriate gasket for a particular project.

Gaps and displacements occur between segments, either as an allowance for building tolerances or to help steerage, line and level during the construction of the tunnel. The purpose of the TSG is to seal to the required pressure at the maximum expected gap and displacement. As the size of the gap and/or displacement increases, the ability for a given TSG to withstand water pressure decreases.

TEP's New Cast-in Profile Sealing System


Trelleborg has launched a faster, cleaner, more accurate alternative for the manufacture of tunnel segments. Utilizing our experience and engineering capabilities in the tunnel segment gasket solution industry, we have developed cast-in profiles which remove the need for adhesives.


Trelleborg - Segment Gaskets for Bored Tunnels

Why TRelleborg tsg?
TSG meida element

Benefits of Trelleborg TSGs

  • are easy to install;
  • create an effective seal when bolts are tightened, immediately creating dry joints;
  • assure an effective seal despite ground movement and alternating wet and dry conditions;
  • have a proven reliability, eliminating the need for a costly remedial work to seal leaks after construction;
  • and have a proven record of durability, being resistant to chemical attack and microbiological degradation.

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