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Self Activating Seals

A self activating seal simply acts as a girder crossing a gap creating higher reactions at both ends.

The best example of a self activating seal, is the lip seal Trelleborg designed and supplied successfully for many offshore wind projects. 

Lip seals
Trelleborg lip seals can be supplied with a range of different lip angles and profiles. These seals are inherently flexible, however they can only be used for movement in one plane (e.g.radial or vertical-lift gates). Sealing is achieved by compression of the sealing lip which is activated by the water pressure. The passive grout seal, or self activating seal, is a full rubber lip seal, which seals initially by tight fitting. When the pressure on the lip increases, it will compress more and so the sealing properties will improve simultaneously. The choice of design and the material is vital to the correct functioning of the seal.

Added value services
Trelleborg is able to provide the following services:
  • Supervision and installation for infrastructure projects (Gina / Omega/ Waterstops)
  • Turnkey lining projects for energy plants (nuclear/ coal/ gas)
  • Inspection and repair of lining systems for the chemical industry
  • Fieldjoints offshore coatings
  • Training on Trelleborg products
  • Installation of seals
In order to give the highest possible service to our customers, we have developed a mobile mini-factory (in a container for easy transport to sites all over the globe), state of the art measuring devices and of course the required safety gear. Our personnel are very experienced and has the highest safety qualifications such as SSC, NOGEPA BOSIET etc. We can perform inspections of coating systems (special rubber linings and coatings) according to NACE.

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