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Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seals are designed to seal a gap after being inflated. The gasket is flat shaped, with a rubber flange to facilitate installation. During inflation, the flat gasket expands to a larger thickness and the sides will deform into a circular shape. The gasket is provided with ridges on the upper and lower contact area to improve sealing capacity. The gasket can be inflated by air or water.

The product range of inflatable seals contains of 3 sizes. The gasket dimensions are defined by width and thickness. The working height is defined as the maximum total height of the gasket after inflation. The working pressure may only be applied when the gasket is placed between two structures. 

The gaskets are installed with steel strips that are used to position the rubber flange.

Inflatable seals are normally made from a SBR or NR rubber compound and are reinforced with nylon plies. If the seals need to be chemical resistant, please ask our specialists for advice.

The contact pressure between the gasket and the wall construction is determined by the inflation pressure and is a measure for the sealing capacity of the gasket. The inflation pressure should always be higher than the pressure difference over the gasket. In general a safety factor of 2 to 3 is used between inflation pressure and pressure difference in order to guarantee excellent and risk free product performance.

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