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The ongoing evolution of trailing hopper dredgers and the requirements for less maintenance, longer service life and lower production costs for customers have resulted in a new innovation: The RockTrail®slurry hose.

The patented RockTrail® concept is based on minimizing the polymer surface inside a slurry hose without compromising the bending properties. This has been achieved by using white iron cast rings inside the layer of the slurry hose. The cross sectional shape of the cast rings in combination with the polymer properties offer an exceptionally flexible hose with superior wear characteristics. This type of slurry hose is suitable to be used in ripping jobs, coral and caprock and other very abrasive and sharp edged solids like shell and blasted or pre-cut rock. The lifetime of the RockTrail® hoses exceeds the standard suction hose by 20 times and the current caprock hoses by 5 times. RockTrail® suction and discharge hoses can be fitted in the standard trunnion and gimbal joints and can also be used as inboard suction and discharge expansion joints in the pump room or on the deck pipes.

Caprock hose
As a standard supplied with heavy cord layers, this hose offers significant advantages when used for transporting sharp materials. Although rubber is a very abrasive resistant material, it has less resistance to cutting, therefore we vulcanize rings with rectangular cross sections in the hose, preventing the transported material from cutting through the liner.

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Suction hose
Mostly used with these hoses are the rubber flange/steel backing flange and the double action flange. They can be supplied in any size depending on application, with 100% vacuum capability and high implosion pressures. For use with gimbals and in the ladder of cutter dredgers we can supply small bending radius suction hoses. Trelleborg has delivered the suction hoses for the largest trailing suction hopper ever built. In some applications heavy spring steel spirals are used to prevent the hose from kinking. We never use ordinary galvanized wire in our suction hoses, as galvanized wire cannot cope with the high dynamic loads which occur when suction pipes are constructed. Trelleborg spring steel spirals absorb these peak loads without the risk of collapsing. Heavy duty big bore suction hoses come equipped with rigid steel rings, this allows for smooth bending of the hose.
Pre-shaped rubber bend
Steel bends are often used in various material handling systems which has been an ongoing problem since wear will shorten the lifetime of the bend. This can be solved by our pre-shaped rubber bends. These bends can be used in suction and discharge applications in various diameters and radii. The bends can be provided with several flange connections and the outer curve of the bend will have a thick abrasion resistant inner tube. We also produce conical pre-shaped rubber bends as where the reduction in diameter can be over the whole length of the bend or over a part of it.
Discharge hose
These hoses can be equipped with all the different types of flanges Trelleborg supplies. They are available in any size, burst pressure up to 150 bar. Liner thickness specified applies to the inside of the hose as well as the flanges. Tricolour wear indicators are optionally available.

Bucket hose
These hoses, serving as discharge or suction hoses, are able to perform under the harshest conditions. Used with very sharp materials like coral and caprock, the replaceable steel sections provide immunity to cutting while the rubber body allows for bending.

Compensators and expansion joints
Our compensators are used in various applications, for example to compensate for large displacements in piping systems or as flexible joints in lines inside ships or process plants. The compensators can be equipped with a wide range of flanges. The rubber used for the inner and outer layers is chosen to meet specific working conditions.


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