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Sway and Surge Fenders

Protecting the substructure and topside transport barge during a floatover's mating process.

Sway and Surge Fenders are used to limit the motion of a topside transport barge when it is within the confines of a jacket slot as well as reduce the transport barge's impact loads on the jacket legs, especially when it moves forward or sideways during the mating operation.

Due to sea swell and weather conditions during the floatover operation a barge carrying a topside may sometimes collide against the substructure as it manoeuvres in between the jacket legs. This may occur during the entrance as the barge moves into position between the jacket legs and mating as the barge ballasts and connects the topside to the substructure and finally exit phases as the barge leaves the connected topside and substructure. 

Our fenders assist in preventing damage and denting to the substructure, barge and topside as well as meeting the design clearances during this operation. The specially designed rubber components of our sway and surge fenders absorb the kinetic forces of the barge's movement, in effect cushioning the barge's impact on the substructure and thus preventing damage done to either.

Our fendering systems are custom-designed to comply with the client’s specified stiffness requirements in both compression and shear. We can also offer a cost effective system for installing the fenders to the barge structure, if required.

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Additional information on our sway and surge fenders.

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