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Floatover Technology

Our comprehensive polymer solutions for the floatover installation process are utilized for energy absorption, vibration reduction and movement tolerance; the critical nature of a floatover process demands high performance, stringently tested and engineered solutions.

In the floatover process, a topside structure is installed onto an in-situ base structure (e.g. jacket) before the platform can become operational. The substructure, or jacket, is first constructed and brought by barge to the drill site, where an oil and gas well is located. It is then installed on the site to await the topside of the oil platform, which has the equipment to process and ready the oil and gas for transportation.

Once fabrication of the topside of the oil platform has been completed it will be loaded onto a transport barge’s deck support frame, which our deck support units (DSUs) support, the transport barge will then carry the topside to the installation site.

After manoeuvring between the jacket’s legs, which are protected from damage by our sway and surge fenders, the barge positions itself so that the topside structure is aligned with the base structure; the barge then ballasts to slowly submerge and connect the topside and jacket structure.

To prevent any damage to the topside or substructure, our leg mating units (LMUs), dampen the forces created as the topside’s load is transferred to the jacket. Its elastomeric pads are also designed to take up the static and dynamic forces of the topside structure, as well as the horizontal forces of the sea.

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