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Trelleborg has an impressive reference list of projects all over the world.

A strong infrastructure is the foundation of a successful society. Trelleborg designs and produces rubber solutions for various infrastructure applications. Some examples of these include sealing systems for tunnels, seals for storm surge barriers and lock systems, and noise and vibration damping systems for commerical construction. Trelleborg's engineered products can be found all around you, on roads and railways, bridges and tunnels and in buildings and power plants. Our unsurpassed experience in polymer solutions helps in the partnerships with customers who come to us with a specific problem for which we design and engineer the perfect solution. We built up an impressive portfolio of prestigious projects for which we have designed and produced specific products, from the Mose flood protection system in Venice to the Millennium Eye ferris wheel in London.

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strepy thieu ship lift, belgium

Ship lift Strepy Thieu, Belgium

Open to navigation in 2002, the ship lift of Strépy-Thieu is a true landmark. Its exceptional dimensions and its unique technical performance raise it as the biggest lift ever existed. The structure is 117m high, 130m long and 75m wide. It overcomes a difference of 73.15m in water level. We supplied our bespoke Omega seals for this unique project.

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