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Conveyor Components

Trelleborg provides conveyor components where high wear, impact and dust containment requires high performance polymer technologies.

Trelleborg designs and manufactures a wide range of conveyor components to meet the most demanding mining and quarrying applications.

Conveyor impact beds are specifically designed for individual applications for conveyors belt widths up to 1,500mm. Trelleborg will engineer the conveyor impact beds to be installed with minimal or no site structural modifications required.  

Conveyor impact bed bars are able to be fitted to most manufacturers impact beds and are available in varying sizes. Integral with this impact bar is a belt side wear surface of either: UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) to take advantage of UHMWPE’s extremely low co-efficient of friction or Polyurethane to minimise wear. All conveyor impact bed bars are manufactured with an aluminum T track fixing railing for easy installation.

Rubber dust sealing systems can be customized for conveyors, conveyors transfer points, screen/under pan interfaces and other areas where dust suppression is important. A rubber dust cloth can be affixed with “sandwich bars” or Trelleborg’s rubber grip strips for easier installation and removal.  

Belt scrapers range in size from 600mm to 1,500mm in width and are manufactured from polyurethane with the option of adding tungsten tips when required for high wear areas. Tension on the belt scrapers are maintained manually, by spring or gravity adjustment.

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