Trelleborg Protects Low Level Bridges


Trelleborg Protects Low Level Bridges By Adapting Mining Technology

The 3 metre high rail bridge crossing over Montague St in South Melbourne has a long history of being impacted by trucks, vans and buses

The bridge is so well-known for being hit by trucks and vans, it even has its own Twitter account, where its daily misadventures are posted.

After being contacted in excess of 100 times in the past 6 years the approaches to the bridge have been fitted with both physical and electronic warning systems.

It is hoped that the new systems will alert and prevent drivers of over height vehicles smashing into the low bridge, whose height is difficult to gauge.

VicRoads designed an overhead gantry utilizing a variation of the Trelleborg mining hose fitted with high visibility bands. The high visibility tubes,   when contacted by an over height vehicle provide an audible warning to the driver without serious damage to the vehicle