T Talk Interviews Infrastructure Customer

Trelleborg's water management projects

In an interview with Anton van der Sandan, Business Lind Director, Transport & Planning at Royal HaskoningDHV, Trelleborg learns more about how our customers view the current and future of infrastructure projects around the world

Especially of interest are the effects water management planning will have on major cities, such as Rotterdam and Singapore, where flooding and land reclamation play a huge role in its citizens' lives. Through their partnership with Trelleborg, and drawing on their Dutch roots to bring innovative technologies and solutions to water challenges around the globe, read more in this downloadable document

Trelleborg provides sealing and damping solutions for storm surge barriers, sluices, dry docks, ship lifts, aqueducts and other water management projects around the world. Watertight infrastructure plays an important role in protecting cities and cultural sites from flooding. Seals from Trelleborg have a key role in specially designed engineering solutions to prevent water damage to fundamental road infrastructure in Los Angeles, and to priceless historical structures in Venice and St. Petersburg