Trelleborg publishes Risk Census Report

Trelleborg publishes Risk Census Report

Risk Census Report

The Risk Census Report is an independent study which reveals the views of key people, on the risks facing the engineering industries today.

A recent survey by Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has found that 50% of leaders from civil engineering, oil and gas and mining industries believe that supplier reliability and trust, as well as increased supplier cooperation and communication (58%) would reduce their risk exposure in the supply chain.

A global sample of original equipment manufacturers, design engineers and contractors were questioned to establish what they believe to be the main areas of supply chain risk in their industry – such as cost, greater industry demands or shorter timelines for example. Trelleborg has examined the responses in its brand new Risk Census, to understand how businesses perceive supply chain risk and explore ways in which they can manage and minimize it successfully through supplier and product selection.

Ruud Bokhout, Marketing Director for Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “Many industries have experienced significant upheavals in recent years, none more so than in challenging capital-intensive industries such as civil engineering, offshore and mining. Supply chains face bigger demands and projects are being placed under much greater strain – be that tighter timelines, smaller budgets or more sophisticated performance requirements. And it’s as a result of these developments that businesses may struggle to keep up and risk falling behind competitively.”

The Risk Census highlights the main areas of perceived supply chain risk within these markets and will enable stakeholders across the industry to get under the skin of client concerns, as well as provide clients with transparency on how the right suppliers, expertise and competency can reduce their own risk. With access to this information, forward-thinking companies will be able to make more informed and confident decisions, easing concerns and ultimately, risk, across the industry.