Trelleborg Engineered Products Hosts Student Visit in Trelleborg Singapore

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Trelleborg Engineered Products Hosts Student Visit in Trelleborg Singapore

Trelleborg Singapore, part of the Trelleborg Offshore and Construction Business Area, was visited by a large group of secondary school students from Yuan Ching Secondary School on the 23rd of March, as part of an outreach program organised for students interested in mechanical engineering. The visit was put together through cooperation between the management of Trelleborg Singapore and Nantah Capital.

Arriving at 9:30 in the morning, the students were first given a product and company introduction, followed by a safety briefing before taken in three separate groups for a factory tour. During the factory tour, they were shown the different stages in the production process of Trelleborg Singapore solutions. This included the steel fabrication department and testing area, where they could see the attention to detail and hard work our factory staff put into ensuring our products’ high quality.
The tour then ended in a break at the canteen, where students were provided refreshments and could ask Trelleborg Singapore staff questions on our products and factory such as the number of office and factory staff in the Singapore facility. After this Q&A session, the teachers and students warmly thanked us for their time and effort before leaving the facility.

This successful visit was not only enjoyable for the students, but also informative; they learned more about the oil and gas industry and Trelleborg’s role in the business to business market. In addition, after being shown in the product presentation how mechanical engineering plays a role in creating some of our solutions, especially using FEA modelling, they could see first-hand how these designs are then fulfilled in on the factory floor.

Trelleborg Singapore also was very happy to have youths from Yuan Ching Secondary School visit; not only did we have the opportunity to teach young minds about our business and educate them on our position in the industry, but we also hopefully cultivated a strong and lasting interest in engineering and fabrication that will influence the students in potential future careers.
Trelleborg Singapore is constantly on the lookout for similar opportunities to contribute to our local society, and we look forward to hosting similar visits in the future for more bright minded students. We would like to thank everyone who made the visit possible, especially the HR Department and HOD in Trelleborg Singapore who kindly contributed their time to make this visit such a fruitful one.