TEP at the 10th China Tunnel and Bridge Summit

TEP at the 10th China Tunnel and Bridge Summit

Across the world, climate challenges are increasing and becoming more complex. As a result of rising water levels, concern around flooding is coming into focus. Not least in Venice, Italy, where this sparked a need for a more advanced and effective water management strategy to be implemented. 

“Acqua alta” is the name given to the high water levels that invade the city, causing the lagoon's salt water to flood pedestrian walkways and buildings too. To stop this annual problem from occurring, the Mose project was born. It consists of a series of mobile barriers installed at the three inlets (the gaps through which the tide enters the lagoon). The barriers consist of steel gates installed end-to-end and used only in the event of danger. The gates are normally completely invisible, resting in special housings in the bed of the lagoon inlets. When high water is forecast, they are temporarily raised to isolate the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. When the tide goes down, the gates are returned to their housing in the seabed. 

Andre de Graaf, Sales Manager Infrastructure for Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “Trelleborg manufactured bespoke sealing and fender systems for the MOSE project, designed to safeguard the Venetian Lagoon, Venice and its neighboring cities from the threat of high tidal variation. The closed Gina gasket has been mounted to the barriers and will act as a dynamic seal, ensuring watertight protection. Our Omega seal will act as a secondary seal between the sectional elements of the mobile barriers.”

Trelleborg’s sealing solutions are applicable for use on three types of tunneling – immersed, bored and cut and cover – and on all of them, a watertight and long lasting seal is imperative. An ambitious water management strategy is only as effective as its individual parts, especially the seals.

Andre de Graaf discusses the importance of water tightness in a talk titled: “Water tightness in three concepts of tunneling” at the Tunnel and Bridge Summit, China, 17 – 18 March, discussing the Mose project as a case study.