TEP Showcases Dredging Offering At Europort 2017


TEP Showcases Dredging Offering At Europort 2017

Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, in conjunction with Sealing Solutions and Antivibration Solutions, presented Trelleborg’s portfolio of high performance dredging products and solutions at Europort 2017 (7 - 10 November) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

From inland navigation to fishery, offshore to sea shipping, dredging and mega yachts to construction vessels and workboats, Europort serves the maritime sector in the broadest sense. The event comprises a conference program and exhibition structured to help ship owners and operators optimize the performance of their fleets.

Jacco Vonk, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Trelleborg’s engineered products operation, says: “By 2022, the global dredging market is estimated to be worth nearly $16.5 billion. This is thanks to the growing global population, particularly in coastal areas, which has seen a rise in the need for coastal land to be reclaimed and protected from erosion and flooding. But with more people living in coastal areas and a rising sea level due to global warming, dredging is vital to mitigating the impact of increasing incidence of flooding.

“What’s more, the global dredging market is also expanding thanks to the growth of global seaborne trade which requires ports across the globe to invest in their infrastructure to keep pace with the logistical requirements of increasing container vessel sizes and throughput. In addition, dredging is increasingly required thanks to the construction of new ports and terminals to support the growing global consumption of energy and metals and the subsequent exploration oil and gas in more remote locations. Lastly, as global tourism continues to grow, so too does the need for dredging in the construction of new airports and the maintenance of beaches across the globe.

“For decades, Trelleborg has proved a leading supplier of innovative products and solutions for leading dredging companies across the globe. Europort provides the ideal platform to showcase our offering to those it can benefit most.”

Trelleborg’s portfolio of dredging products and solutions includes a range of floating and non-floating hoses, pre-shaped rubber bends, expansion joints and dredging specials. 

Trelleborg’s flexible rubber-lined floating hoses provide a significantly longer lifetime than many alternatives and can be used as a cutter discharge line in the harshest of conditions. While the ongoing evolution of trailing hopper dredgers and the requirements for less maintenance, longer service life and lower production costs for customers resulted in the development of Trelleborg’s non-floating slurry hose which has a minimized polymer surface without compromise to its bending properties.

Trelleborg’s wide range of pre-shaped rubber bends can be used in suction and discharge applications in various diameters and radii. Its expansion joints are used in various applications, to compensate for large displacements in piping systems or as flexible joints in lines inside ships. The company’s dredging specials include gate valve seals, bottom door / valve seals and fenders for protection of draghead, to name a few.