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Welcome to a world of Everyday Ingenuity

Over the past 100 years, Trelleborg’s engineered products operation has built a robust and unrivalled track record by applying everyday ingenuity to everything we do. As a global leader in polymer solutions and products that are tested to highest levels and perform in the most demanding environments, you can be sure that the exact speciation of your project will be met and exceeded. 

Our Markets

Our state of the art solutions establish and maintain Everyday Ingenuity in the three key market sectors we operate in. 


A strong infrastructure lays the foundation for a successful society. Trelleborg’s solutions can be found all around you, enhancing safety and performance on roads and railways, in bridges and tunnels and in buildings and power plants.


From structural bearing systems to float over solutions, from grout seals for offshore wind farms to corrosion protection and anti-vibration mounts, Trelleborg is pivotal in a number of applications. Our state of the art solutions can be found in both traditional oil and gas production, and renewable energy applications. 


Miners delve deep into some of the harshest environments on Earth to extract precious resources vital to our daily lives. Trelleborg provides a wide range of specialized wear and impact resistant polymer solutions that help the industry cope with these severe conditions.

Customized Solutions

We believe in engineering ingenuity, every day. Our products and solutions can be found in a diverse range of applications, but one thing they all have in common is that we engineer systems that meet and exceed the demands of every individual specification. Being ready for change and believing nothing is impossible drives us to continuously come up with new and improved solutions. We back up this strong belief with ongoing and committed investment in technology and full scale testing. This means we can consistently engineer innovative designs and new concepts for rubber, steel, engineering and more.  We know that our customers have different requirements, so we offer much more than off the shelf solutions. Our major motivation for new and improved customized solutions is to ensure we’re adaptable and flexible enough to meet customer demand, wherever and however it evolves. When it comes to solving our customers’ challenges, nothing is impossible.  

Trusted polymer engineering

Our history and experience in polymer solutions is unsurpassed. This extensive knowledge helps us to engineer solutions that support infrastructure, oil & gas and energy and mining industries, driving the success of societies across the globe. A century of excellence fuels our determination to continue to deliver cost-effective products that seal, damp and protect in the harshest environments. Our purpose is to produce the highest quality innovative polymer solution, at a timeframe that works for you, in a way that delivers value over the long term. Above and beyond the value we can deliver for your business, you can feel reassured that Trelleborg’s industry-leading expertise gives you something even more valuable: peace of mind that you’re working with the right supplier. 

Rigorous Testing

Trelleborg's engineered products operation often designs and produces unique solutions that have not been tested before. For specific projects or designs, the prototype or products have to be tested to show their compliance with specifications. In general, products are tested on their mechanical properties such as their capacity to accept loads, movements and pressures. In special cases, for instance sealing systems, the application of the product itself is tested. Sometimes the real situation cannot be simulated and derived product properties have to be investigated. We also have the world's largest test press and have the unique ability to test all our products at full scale if demanded by the specification. The results of the tests are reported in inspection reports for approval by the client if needed.  We apply very rigorous testing methods to ensure that our products fully comply with the specifications. Independent third party testing witnessing is very common.

A commitment to talent

We are always looking for new talent to join our growing team. As a global leader in many industries, we offer attractive career paths and continuous development. If you would like to become part of our team, please visit take a look at the available jobs by clicking on the button.

Global track record

Our global strength means we have a wide network, financial stability and a positive reputation. However, we are firmly committed to feet on the ground, local support. We will continue to be there, whenever and wherever you need us, working in partnership to support you. We’re committed to continuing to deliver our cost-effective, state of the art solutions to add value for you and build on our expansive track record. 

Extraordinary environments built on Everyday Ingenuity

Landmark projects require a firm foundation. Trelleborg delivers everyday ingenuity to engineer some of the most prestigious projects across the world 

About Trelleborg Group


Trelleborg’s engineered products operation is part of Trelleborg group, a world leader in polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect in the most demanding environments on earth. The World of Trelleborg is a unique tool that shows you some of the world class solutions that our Group offers for different markets and applications.

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