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You want to maximize long-term sustainability and profit, but you also need to minimize risk. To help you do so, we offer vast experience coupled with a commitment to continuous development that will give you the reassurance that we’ll always deliver swift, cost-effective, reliable solutions with a proven track record.

Supporting Owners Operators

Experience fuels our application know how

We engineer everyday ingenuity to offer you better value, a swift response time, and the proven and innovative solutions you need to succeed. 

We’ve been applying the principles of everyday ingenuity to deliver state of the art solutions for over 100 years. Our global strength means we have a wide network, financial stability and a positive reputation. 

We will continue to work hard to always be there, working together with you into the future, to provide another important thing - peace of mind for you.

Every problem has a solution

Being ready for change and believing nothing is impossible drives our commitment to continuously developing ingenious solutions. 

We back up this strong belief with our continuous investment in technology. This results in innovative new designs and new concepts for rubber, steel, engineering and more. 

Of course, our major motivation for new and improved customized solutions is to be adaptable and flexible to meet customer requirements. When it comes to solving a problem for a customer, nothing is impossible.

Proven, validated design

We can provide you with an engineering design which is proven and validated through our computerized design simulation using our FEA software. 

We’re well equipped with in-house testing facilities and laboratories. Plus, we perform full scale testing using the world’s biggest compression testing machine which has a capacity of 183MN. 

We’re passionate about full scale testing to enhance quality and minimize risk. This will ensure that the project will be able to perform to your specifications.

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