Energy Consulting Engineer

Consulting Engineer

We know you need a fast response, along with good technical know-how from your supplier. Plus, you seek pre- and post-award support and proven solutions that comply with international standards. That’s why we deliver engineering expertise, design validation, comprehensive support and a fast turnaround time within your budget.

Supporting Consulting Engineers

Collaboration builds the best

Collaboration is key in developing the best solution to meet individual specification requirements. We have a multi-talented staff, so you can be assured you’ll have access to the specific expertise you need. 

We provide a team of competent engineers who work closely with you to present the proposal. We also have a dedicated project management team that will work closely with you to meet your crucial timeline. Throughout the entire project, you can rely on and collaborate with your team.

Specialist solutions

As well as our specialist people, we can offer the specialist products you need to fulfil your project. We apply everyday ingenuity to our solutions to offer better value, over the entire product lifecycle.

Our high quality, innovative solutions are designed to enhance safety in your clients’ day to day operations. So you have total peace of mind, over the long term, that your reputation is protected.  

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