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Abrasion Resistant Rubber Lining

Trelleborg rubber lining can be applied to many surfaces to significantly reduce abrasive wear, provide impact resistance or to prevent corrosion of base structures. Our Redfine+ premium blend mining rubber lining is especially adept at mining equipment preservation and wear protection 

Trelleborg offers a wide range of abrasion resistant rubber lining, with our premium Redfine+ blend offering unparalleled protection. Especially crucial to the mining industry, mining rubber lining has to be resistant to fine grain and particle abrasion. Combining this with excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength and tear resistance, our Redfine+ compounded abrasion resistant rubber for mining operations sets the new standard for mining rubber liner

Our rubber lining can also be supplied in a range of hardness:

40 Duro - with and without bonding layer
This premium grade soft natural rubber  offers excellence wear resistance to small particle flow and slurry abrasion. Applications include chute, pipe and tank linings, pulley lagging, launders and troughs.

60 Duro - with and without bonding layer
Premium grade harder compound of natural and synthetic rubbers suitable for dry abrasive wear and heavy impact. Applications include linings for chutes, impact curtains, tanks, bins, pipes, valves, cells, structural supports, impellors & launders.

Rubber lining can be produced in either cold cured sheet or our hot cure autoclave facilities in Perth, Brisbane, Singapore and Qingdao.

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