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Grout seals

Grout seals for wind turbines and jackets are used to close the gap between the tower and the pile so that grout can be inserted to make a solid and stable connection.

Offshore wind farms are built using gravity base structures, monopiles or tripods. The design philosophy for wind farms is based on the installation methodology depending on soil properties, water depth and contractor experience. The wind turbines of the Egmond project for example stand on a monopile. After driving the pile into the sea bed a transition piece, around 25m high, is lowered over the top of the pile, the space between the pile and the transition piece is sealed by a Trelleborg inflatable grout seal. This seal is designed to close a substantial gap and simultaneously resist internal pressure. Grouting the space above the grout seal, results in a very strong joint.

Trelleborg has designed two types of grout seals active and passive:
  • The passive seal, or self-activating seal, is a full rubber lip seal, which seals initially by tight fitting. When the pressure on the lip increases, it will compress more and so the sealing properties will improve simultaneously. The choice of design and material is vital to the correct functioning of the seal.
  • The active type is an inflatable seal, which consist of a fabric reinforced tube provided with a foot. In combination with steel strips the foot will be held in place. The seals are activated by compressed air. Preferably the seal expands outward, because of the elasticity of the materials. In general the seals are provided with two air connections.


Grout seals for offshore wind.

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