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Lifting Bags

Based on 30 years of experience, Trelleborg has developed a completely new line of lifting bags for a wide range of industrial applications. The use of high quality materials and craftsmanship in combination with stringent quality control ensures safe operation.

Trelleborg high pressure bags are capable of lifting loads up to 67 tons with compressed air at a pressure of only 8 bar. In comparison with conventional jacking equipment, lifting bags have major advantages such as the very small insertion height of approximately 3cm, fast operation, light-weight and practically maintenance-free. Typical applications include lifting, moving, spreading and fixing.

Our compressed air lifting bags operate as inflatable bags at a maximum pressure of 8 bar. They function according to the following principle: Force (F) = Pressure (P) x Area (A). So the lifting capacity is proportional to contact area. Because the contact area decreases as the bag is further inflated, the reaction force also decreases. Lifting bags are usually inflated with compressed air and in some cases with water or grout.
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Our lifting bags are thin and light lifting devices made of high quality materials. The rubber compounds are reinforced with Aramide fibers. These fibers are stronger, lighter and more flexible than steel. The bags are provided with profiled external surfaces to enable safe stacking of two bags on top of one another to effectively double the jacking height. The bags have quick-release couplings for connection to the air supply or accessories.

  • Can be used in the smallest of spaces because the bags are very thin
  • Light and easy to handle compared with other jacking equipment
  • Simple and quick to use with compressed air
  • Maintenance-free because they have no sliding parts.
Trelleborg also offers a comprehensive range of accessories that promote the safe and durable use of our lifting bags. A single control box is used to inflate the lifting bag. This sturdy unit, manufactured from aluminium, is equipped with two pushbuttons and an integral pressure-relief valve set to 8 bar. A convenient twin control box is available for the simultaneous inflation of two lifting bags. This control box is equipped with a belt that is worn around the waist to enable the operator to use both hands to operate the lifting bags controls. The pressures indicated by the two manometers can be read at a glance. The control box is enclosed in a plastic housing and, self-evidently, is also equipped with an integral pressure-relief valve set to 8 bar.

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Trelleborg lifting bags are ideal, easy to use and always ready high quality inflatable bags for lifting, fixing, spreading and pushing large and heavy objects up to 67 ton.

Technical specifications

(L x B x H)
Max. Lifting capicity
Max. Lifting Height
Air Volume Water Volume Weight









 TLB 1  150 x 150 x 22  6 x 6 x 0,87 10 2248  80  6,3   0,7  0,6
 TLB 3  228 x 228 x 22  9 x 9 x 0,87  32 7194  130   5 16,2   1,8 1,5 
 TLB 5  270 x 270 x 22  11 x 11 x 0,87  50 11240  150  22,5  2,5 
 TLB 10  380 x 380 x 25  15 x 15 x 0,98 100  22480  215   76,5 8,5   4
 TLB 20  508 x 508 x 25  20 x 20 x 0,98 200   44960  290  11  189 21 
 TLB 32  658 x 658 x 25  26 x 26 x 0,98  320 71936   380 15   450 50   13
 TLB 40  708 x 708 x 25  28 x 28 x 0,98  400  89920 405  16  558  62   15
 TLB 67  908 x 908 x 25  36 x 36 x 0,98  670 150616  520   20 1206  134  24 

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