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Floating Dredging Hoses

RockFloat® floating hoses.

Trelleborg's floating hose systems have been used on all the major reclamation projects around the world. Driven by the ever increasing demand for longer lifetimes and the fact that floating hoses are increasingly used for cutter jobs we have redesigned the classic rubber-lined floating hose.

Using the same design principle as the RockTrail® hoses the latest innovation is the RockFloat® floating discharge hose. By reducing the polymer contact surface and adding white 3Ron cast wear rings the RockFloat® hoses have a significant improvement in lifetime. It is now possible to use a flexible rubber floating hose as a cutter discharge line able to perform successfully in the harshest of conditions.

The patented RockFloat® floating discharge hoses feature:
  • Embedded white iron cast rings
  • Liner in the fittings
  • Improved bending characteristics
  • Depending on application a lifetime improvement of x 25 compared to the classic rubber-lined floating hoses
  • Applicable for offshore (rock) cutter jobs
  • Virtually no maintenance
These features make the following applications possible:
  • Rock cutter discharge line
  • Hopper bow connection discharge line
  • Hopper mainline discharge applications with very abrasive solids


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