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Compensators and Expansion Joints

Our compensators are used in various applications, for example to compensate for large displacements in piping systems or as flexible joints in lines inside ships or process plants. The compensators can be equipped with a wide range of flanges. The rubber used for the inner and outer layers is chosen to meet specific working conditions. 

Flexible Connections

We produce a large range of expansion joints and compensators that are fully hand-made by wrapping all materials around a mandrel. We specialize in making non-standard expansion joints with a high abrasion resistance and suitable for high working pressures. 

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The adaptors have a round connection at one side and a square connection at the other side. The change in shape from round to square will cause more wear than normal. By giving the adapter a bigger wall thickness and, by using high abrasion resistant polymers, our adapters will have an extended lifetime.

Pre-shaped rubber bends
Steel bends are often used in various material handling systems which has been an ongoing problem since wear will shorten the lifetime of the bend. This can be solved by our pre-shaped rubber bends. These bends can be used in suction and discharge applications in various diameters and radii. The bends can be provided with several flange connections and the outer curve of the bend will have a thick abrasion resistant inner tube. We also produce conical pre-shaped rubber bends as where the reduction in diameter can be over the whole length of the bend or over a part of it.

Steel y-pieces are very sensitive to wear when carrying abrasive slurry. By making the y-pieces out of rubber and cord material the wear properties are much better than steel and their lifetime will be exceeded. Misalignment of steel pipes can easily be compensated by a y-piece since this rubber piece is much more flexible than steel.

Pinch valves
There are different constructions of pinch valves. All constructions use a rubber hose that is squeezed in the middle. This will vary the flow of the medium or completely stop the flow. We produce different kinds of hoses for these valves and they can be produced with or without a flange connection.

Trelleborg is geared for fast and flexible delivery of tailor-made products to all corners of the world, our production facilities and capacity has been carefully tuned to this requirement. We also offer a very complete range including:
  • Pressure hoses and sleeves
  • Suction hoses and sleeves
  • Special types, like bucket and caprock hoses
  • Self-floating hoses (Floatline)
  • Compensators and expansion pieces
  • Pre-shaped rubber bends
  • Reducers
  • Adaptors
  • Breeches pieces
  • Pinch valves

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