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Leg Mating Units

Leg mating units (LMUs) are utilised during the mating process of a floatover operation.

LMUs are steel structures incorporating engineered elastomeric pads capable of absorbing immense loads that are installed in the topside or the substructure of a shallow offshore oil platform. When a barge carrying a platform's topside arrives at its installation site, it manoeuvres between the jacket legs and begins to ballast. This causes the topside of the platform to slowly lower onto the jacket. As the topside's weight is transferred from the barge to the substructure, vertical compression will occur on the LMUs.

The elastomeric pads within the LMUs are designed to take up the static and dynamic forces of the topside structure, as well as mitigate the horizontal forces due to open sea motions during the floatover mating operation. Each LMU for a project is customized; produced from the highest levels of engineering as well as put through rigorous tests to ensure their performance, our LMUs have been used in ground breaking operations such as Project Wheatstone in Australia and the SHWE Natural Gas Project in Myanmar.

LMUs are critical components of any floatover operation, we design, engineer and build them to the highest standards and have a proven track record of reliability and quality in projects across the world.

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