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Shock Cells

Boat landing system's core component in keeping berthing vessels secure

A boat landing system’s shock cell consists of 2 steel tubes and a rubber layer connecting both tubes and are used in conjunction with an eccentric bumper ring and a barge bumper. When a vessel berths at an oil and gas platform, the impact load of the vessel is absorbed by axial deflection and rotation of the shock cell which is facilitated by its specially designed robust rubber component.

Kinetic energy from the impact is absorbed and dissipated as heat and a smaller reaction force by the shock cell’s rubber component as it undergoes shear and tension. The load is therefore reduced and the vessel can berth without damaging the platform structure. The strong bonding achieved between the rubber and the steel during the manufacturing process ensures that this arrangement will safely dissipate and reduce the external load without damaging the platform. 

We essentially utilize rubber's unique ability in deflecting normal and lateral impact to withstand the design stresses that are imposed on a platform during barge and vessel operations. Rubber, with its internal damping effect, can resist high overloads without damage.

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Sample Models

Examples of our shock cell variations

Type Size A Size B  Size C Size D Size E Size F


19mm 610mm  17mm  216mm  435mm 
 406mm 26mm 762mm  19mm  406mm  679mm 
TH1830  457mm 19mm  762mm  19mm  406mm  610mm 
TH1636  406mm 26mm  914mm  25mm  610mm  800mm 
TH1836  457mm 24mm 914mm  25mm  610mm  746mm 
TH2036  508mm 21mm  914mm  25mm  610mm  660mm 

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