Trelleborg Supplier | Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics (ECF)

Hello, Trelleborg Suppliers!

This webpage is your destination to learn how Trelleborg conducts business with suppliers. This page contains the essential purchasing and logistics information needed by current and prospective suppliers of Trelleborg.

In order to move freight in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, Trelleborg requests that all vendors and business partners route COLLECT or Trelleborg 3RD PARTY PAID shipments according to the following guidelines:

For any shipment under 150 lbs., please ship UPS Ground Collect
For Rutherfordton, North Carolina: UPS Account 212745

For shipments over 150 lbs., please use the following link to set up all shipments.
For expedited service please contact Ardmore Logistics at +1 877-914-7447.

Order Confirmations:
All orders must be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt with a written confirmation submitted to

Certificate of Analysis (COA)
All orders, per Trelleborg specification, requiring a COA will be submitted prior to the shipment to the

Packing Slips
All orders must arrive with packing slips and contain the following information:

  • Trelleborg Part Number
  • Trelleborg P.O. Number
  • Lot number(s),
  • Fabric roll number,
  • Compound Batch number,
  • Date of manufacture,
  • Quantity
  • Terms and Conditions – Purchases