Dartex® Ultimate Air | Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics (ECF)

Dartex® Ultimate Air

Suitable for Healthcare & Medical, Defense, Recreation and Workwear industries.

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Why choose Ultimate Air?

Ultimate Air is the next generation of microclimate support surface fabrics. It stands alone in the market as the only fabric that allows air to pass through it while remaining waterproof.

With Ultimate Air, you can ensure heat and humidity pass quickly; minimizing the accumulation of moisture within your application.



• Berry compliant options available
• Compatible with durable water repellent finish
• Compatible with flame retardant systems

• Incorporates nanotechnology
• Most breathable product to keep users cool and dry

Typical properties

Product construction may impact performance properties

• Air permeable (typical values from 0-5 cfm)
• 4- Way Stretch (typical values of 200%)
• Durable (Withstands commercial and home laundering & Withstands 24h continuous laundering)

• Highest Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (typical values of 2500 g/m2/24h)
• Waterproof (typical values of 300 mbar or higher)