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Trelleborg's Coated Dropstitch Fabric

Dimensional Stability and Uniformity


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Dropstitch, also called “Double Wall Fabric”, is a 3D construction process by which thousands of yarns are simultaneously woven together to join both a top and bottom layer of fabric.

The continuous and evenly spaced yarns between the fabric lock the pieces together, creating an incredibly strong unit that allows for an inflated bladder that maintains both dimensional stability and uniformity



This revolutionary Dropstitch material can be utilized in a number of applications, including inflatable boat bottoms, lift bags, rigid inflatable walls, rescue raft seating (inflated), structural membranes, inflatable screens, seat cushions, paddle boards, gymnastics flooring, and flotation devices.

Rubber and polyurethane coatings and laminates, as well as additional coated textile layers, can be added to woven Dropstitch to meet application specific performance parameters.



• Consistent inflation height
• High burst strength
• Flat surface after inflation

• Fabric Heights Available: 0.75”, 2.5”, 4.0”, 6.5”, 8.0” and 11.5”
• Substrates Available: Nylon, Polyester, Kevlar® and blends
• Coatings Available: Rubber includes CR, CSM, CM, PU coatings and films