Trelleborg HANK™ | Trelleborg Engineered Coated Fabrics (ECF)

HANK™ by Trelleborg

High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar

Protective Clothing Police

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HANK™ is designed to meet the needs of defense, first responders, homeland security and special operations.

Waterproof and abrasion-resistant HANK™ also features a system that no longer requires MOLLE, a modularity system for attaching gear.

A simple slit in the HANK™ material provides all the benefits of MOLLE, making it less costly for the end-use manufacturer to produce.

Without the additional weight of MOLLE, the wearer can move more quickly.

Key features and benefits

• 10 oz., 18 oz., 25 oz., or 35 oz. options
• Lightweight
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Water resistant

• Flexible
• Made in the USA
• Berry Compliant

HANK™ flexes its muscles in a variety of colors, including camo green, ranger green, black, gray and coyote brown. Multiple color combinations are available.