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Lightweight & Resilient Coated Fabrics for Tactical Gear

The increased demand for body and health protection has Trelleborg continuously developing new solutions for maximum protection in critical environments. From heat stress to environmental and chemical resistance, we offer reliable protective materials.
We have developed fabrics for defense and commercial use for over a century, producing material for over 100 field-tested specifications.

Tactwear™ by Trelleborg

Trelleborg Tactwear CORDURA

Polymer-Coated CORDURA ® Fabric Composite Tactwear™ composite materials are engineered to extend wear, durability and functionality in the most demanding applications, including tactical gear, waterproof bags and backpacks, and premium performance apparel.

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HANK™ by Trelleborg

Protective Clothing Police

HANK™  s designed to meet the needs of defense, first responders, homeland security and special operations. Waterproof and abrasion resistant HANK™ also features a system that no longer requires MOLLE, a modularity system for attaching gear.

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Arc Resistant Apparel and Other Defense & Safety Applications

Chemical Protective Clothing

Chemical Resistant Clothing

Protective Clothing Fireman

Flame Retardant & Breathable Protective Clothing

ECF Aerostats Aerospace

Aerostats including National Missile Defense (JLENS)

Survival Suits

Survival Suits

Radome Protective_


Protective High Visibility Clothing

Hi-Visibility Garments

Thermal Protective Clothing

Nomex Fire-Resistant Padding

Utility Arc Resistant Garment

Utility Arc Resistant Garments

Trelleborg is a partner that works with customers to identify their exact requirements for a customized coated material solution. Coatings such as chloroprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene, and polyurethanes are offered. Substrates include nylon, para-aramide, meta-aramide, Kevlar®, FR cotton and Nomex. Serves the aerospace, aerostats, automotive, healthcare & medical, manufacturing, marine, outdoor & recreation, defense & safety, and rail & mass transit industries.

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