Trelleborg Group University Launches VI edition of the Graduate Program

Trelleborg Group University Launches VI edition of the Graduate Program

On the 18th October, Trelleborg welcomed 31 new graduates to the VI edition of the Group University’s Graduate Program. Building on the success of previous years, the program proudly continues to diversify future generations of leaders and specialists within our engineering company, illustrated by this year’s participants being from 13 nationalities. The Trelleborg Group University’s advanced program not only recruits people externally but includes young people from inside Trelleborg that have demonstrated the potential to grow.

To support the program, 31 experienced senior managers from across Trelleborg Group adopted new mentor positions to act as trusted counsellors for the graduates as they develop along their personal and career development paths. But it is not just the graduates that are learning at Trelleborg Group University, the mentors too receive training to strengthen leadership skills in their own diverse teams, as well as to optimize their one-to-one mentorship with the graduate over the program’s duration of 14 months.

In module one of five, the graduates and mentors met for the first time in Malmö, Sweden and were able to have one-to-one meetings, thus laying the foundations of their student/ mentor communication. Talent Management Specialist Manuela Re spoke of this first meeting, saying, “It was great to see the energy and engagement of both the graduates and the mentors.”

Aside from the unique networking and travel experience, during the course of the program the graduates will learn key skills, focusing on behavioral development, personal effectiveness, team dynamics, creativity, business and cultural awareness. They will also further their knowledge of Trelleborg Group by visiting its five business areas.

Trelleborg believes that development is not just in the classroom either. As 90 per cent of development occurs through experience and exposure combined, there is also the opportunity for some graduates to diversify their learning by completing 6-month international placements with project work, away from their home operations, across other businesses and operations.

As the V edition of the program concludes in December, current graduate Charlotte Sims from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Tewkesbury, England, speaks positively of her two international placements at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Hal Far, Malta, and Trelleborg Group, Sweden. “The experience of working overseas gave me the opportunity to make the most important development in my career to date, whilst the exposure to different cultures has developed my personal and professional confidence. I always look forward to the training modules with the other graduates and the trainers as they are a lot of fun, and I have gained many new skills that will help me to progress in my career. I am saddened at the thought that my graduate journey is coming to an end but I wish the new graduates the best of luck!”