Max Mittag

Max Mittag

Trelleborg offers internships globally. Read the experiences of Max Mittag in his own words.

Getting the opportunity to pursue an internship at a company that is a world-leading innovator in polymer engineering across a wide range of industries –  from aerospace to subsea components – is a challenging and interesting way to enter the job market.

My four-month-long internship at Trelleborg is part of my education at the Fontys International Business School (FIBS) in Venlo, the Netherlands. I am glad to have found an international work placement since my major is “International Marketing.” Working in Sweden for Trelleborg, highlights the international focus of my studies and is a valuable experience.

As a part of the Trelleborg sealing profiles operations, I work together with Marketing & Communication Executive Lena Sundlöf, and I am located at Trelleborg’s headquarters in Trelleborg, Sweden. 

My internship gives me an exciting insight into the dynamic and ever-changing work environment of Trelleborg. For example, I am taking part in a project that involves evaluating and communicating Trelleborg’s Blue Dimension™ initiative that highlights Trelleborg’s solutions for better sustainability. Better sustainability, along with better function and better business, is one of Trelleborg’s brand promises to accelerate performance. 

As soon as I arrived, my initial nervousness was gone, as everyone was very welcoming and helpful. I instantly had the impression that my opinion mattered and that I can make a difference. During my first week at Trelleborg, I already felt like a recognized employee. As I normally live in Germany, in Sweden, I rely on the help of my local coworkers, both inside and outside my job. Additionally, I can benefit from the global network in Trelleborg and make use of data, case studies, as well as the help and knowledge of employees from around the world.

I am still learning and adapting to the way Trelleborg does its business. Or, should I say, how we do business. I am finding out about Trelleborg’s core: a strong focus on being easy to do business with, adding value as a business accelerator, providing application expertise across diverse industries, having a local presence but a global reach, and a history of pioneering in polymer engineering. These things reflect everything we do at Trelleborg – from communication between employees to value creation in business.

I am happy to gain further experience in my job field and develop as a person and employee here at Trelleborg.