Employees at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Bengaluru India become A Bit-Fit

Walks and healthy office habits part of the ‘A Bit-Fit’ campaign, launched at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Bengaluru, India

To promote a healthier workplace, employees from the Gen Y team at the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions facility in Bengaluru, India have started a health campaign. Named A Bit-Fit, it focuses on increasing the awareness of health in the workplace.

The campaign started with an introductory session by an ergonomics expert. Employees also participated in daily five-minute-long desk exercises, during which they stretched before returning to work with new energy.

A monthly Health Day was included in the campaign, in which employees were encouraged to choose healthy office lifestyle options – such as drinking green tea instead of coffee, choosing fruit as a healthy snack, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator if this was possible. The day ended with a walkathon competition where the winners received a healthy award. 

Finally, to keep employees motivated, some employees of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions facility in India shared few words of advice to their colleagues: A healthy employee performs better, increasing the efficiency of the workforce - a Win-Win for both the employer and the employee!