Diversity a natural part of international operations

Group of people in workplace with different age ethnicity and gender representing diversity and inclusion
Diversity – a natural part of international operations

Gender distribution at management levels 2-5 in Trelleborg’s units where the average is 24 percent (September 2015), the same proportion as for women in the organization as a whole. The proportion of women is highest at level 5. Level 2 corresponds to business area presidents and Level 3 to employees who report to a business area president.

The proportion of women in Group management is 9 percent (9) and on the Board of Directors 33 percent (25).

A significant factor in Trelleborg’s value creation is the expertise and diversity of its employees.

Alongside the fundamental rules against special treatment and discrimination in the Code of Conduct (see page 8), the company values knowledge wherever it is found, with no other criteria than the fundamental view that all people are equal and have the same rights. Trelleborg works to achieve a balanced mix of ethnicities, ages and genders in its operations.

A basic rule is that the company’s management and other managers should have a local presence, which naturally leads to ethnic diversity in the management of a company that operates in more than 40 countries.

At the end of 2015, management (senior management team and those in senior positions in the business areas) at levels 1–3 of the company comprised 10 different nationalities.

A core issue for all knowledge organizations, including Trelleborg, is the ability to recruit young talent. Attracting younger people to white-collar positions is also important due to the expected number of retirements over the next ten years. As a result, Trelleborg is focusing on younger generations – employees born from 1980 and onwards – which commenced with a survey completed by about 80 percent of employees in this age group. A follow-up series of workshops focused on issues highlighted by this age group: feedback on work performed, knowledge sharing, personal development, new technology, community involvement and social events.

Trelleborg has initiated special training for managers on how to manage employees from different generations.

In an engineering company like Trelleborg, efforts to achieve a gender balance present challenges that require work at all levels. At higher Group and business area levels, men still are in significant majority, however gender distribution is more balanced in the business operations. Efforts to achieve a gender balance throughout the operations take the form of actively seeking women candidates for all executive and managerial positions, and for all of the Group’s training and development programs, particularly its leadership programs