Your role - Purchaser -

A production partner you can trust

As a purchaser, you need to know that your production partner can deliver a superior component at a competitive price. When you choose Trelleborg, you’re entrusting your success to the worldwide market leader in the production of tailor-made automotive boots.

Trelleborg productionTrelleborg has a proven track record for designing, producing, and selling boots that accelerate performance, extend lifespan and add value to automotive products. 

Over the years, we have built a network of partnerships with leading suppliers, established a reliable development and production process, and introduced new design and material innovations that have resulted in a more compact, high-performance, long-lasting product.

Global development, local production

Our local production facilities are ready to gear for the production of custom-made boots in any quantity required and deliver them to you quickly so you can get your product to market sooner. Find your local production plant in the map to the left.

We offer all the benefits of working with a global, award-winning market leader in the design, testing, and production of quality boots, combined with the convenience of a local sales team that understands your market, speaks your language, works in your time zone, and is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Flexible, durable materials

We offer a range of materials for our boots, usually of thermoplastic construction for less weight and better recycling. Boots can be molded from a single piece of material and are designed to ensure a better fit, enhanced wear-resistance, and consistently high performance.

Standard terms and conditions

Our standard terms and conditions regulate the products we provide, including warranties, laws, delivery times and quantities delivered.

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