Your role - Logistics Manager -

High precision deliveries at a low cost

Trelleborg provides better functions for better business and better sustainability. Our goal is to achieve greater speed, accuracy, and reliability in deliveries, making sure you get the right quantity of the right boots in the right time.

Trelleborg boxState of the art ERP
All our product development and logistics process are linked using the Microsoft AX ERP system. This helps us quickly design products and deliver them just-in-time, meeting all local regulatory requirements. It optimizes production and supply efficiency, driving down costs and helping you win market share by giving you a first-to-market advantage. 

Vendor managed inventory
Procuring and managing the exact amount of inventory you need for your production schedule minimizes held stock and maximizes profit. 

Our ERP system works with all standardized integration adapters to integrate some or all communication directly into your own ERP system, avoiding manual errors. We support both web-based communication and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)


Error-free delivery
Our supply chain processes ensure an almost fault-free delivery, with a service rate higher than 95%. We support electronic collaboration processes like forecasting, order fulfillment and delivery, where we can work together towards a joint set of KPIs.

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