Your role - Engineer -

Your dedicated engineering partner

As an engineer, you need a design and production partner who is experienced and responsive. Our in-house engineers work closely with your team to create innovative solutions that contribute to the best possible product for your market. 

Trelleborg hand with mouldWhile you benefit from our expertise as a global, award-winning market leader in the design, testing, and production of quality boots, you also enjoy the convenience of a local engineering team that understands your market, speaks your language, works in your time zone, and is physically close at hand to handle any issues as they arise. 

All local teams operate at ISO TS approved sites and use a poka-yoke approach to production and processing that ensures top quality at every point.

We are your dedicated partner in developing boots that fit perfectly and perform perfectly every time. 

In-house design teams
Our dedicated teams are experts in CAD and FEA (Finite Element Analysis). Using FEA we quickly analyse the exact amount of stresses and strains our boots will be placed under for every vehicle application and situation.

Exhaustive testing

Together with our customers we perform exhaustive testing documented to your exact demands. Our technicians test both bench and out of bench, documenting results in your local language and to your specifications. It offers greater life expectancy in given conditions, and much faster time to market. 

Throughout each product’s lifespan, we’re at the ready when a new need arises or a new challenge needs to be addressed. No matter how aggressive your targets and timelines, the Trelleborg engineering team will help you deliver automotive excellence every time.

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