Trilobe TPE Boot -

Trilobe TPE boot from Trelleborg

Trelleborg’s inboard trilobe TPE boot offers a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to protect vehicles and enhance performance by sealing lubricants in and keeping dirt and other contaminants out. A unique all-in-one design and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material make these boots more reliable, compact, easy to assemble, and recyclable.

Enhancing vehicle performance

Designed to withstand high temperatures

Inboard boots fit on the gearbox or engine side of the driveshaft. They are close to the engine and the exhaust line, which means they withstand exposure to temperatures: 165°C pick and 140°C constant—to withstand rotation, even at high speeds and temperatures.

Retention force from a single part

Trilobe TPE boots have an enclosed retainer which exerts a retention force onto balls and rollers, preventing them from coming out of the tulip. This patented, state-of-the-art process adds reinforced ribs to ensure an excellent clamping force on the tulip, creating a tighter, more reliable, more durable seal. 

The retainers for the balls and rollers reduce parts in the half shaft. This process also replaces two or three parts with one, delivering a unique thermoplastic elastomer that is more light-weight, compact, and recyclable at a lower cost. Additionally, the large and small diameter areas can be molded with special shapes to meet your exact requirements.


Function integration

Trilobe shape, roller retention, Ball Retainer

Perfect sealing

Compact Solution

Lighter part, less grease inside

Highly Flexible

0 to 30° angle

Facts: Inboard boots

Inboard boots - Excellent driveshaft protection

Trelleborg inboard boot
Inboard boots protect the driveshaft from outside dust and keep grease inside. Having better retention of grease ultimately helps reduce friction and improve fuel consumption. 
By providing dynamic sealed protection from rotation in both the gearbox and the wheel, inboard boots deliver a smooth, consistent ride and long-lasting performance - even when the vehicle is driven at top speed.

Protecting gearboxes

Inboard boots fit on the gearbox side of the driveshaft. They are close to the engine and the exhaust line, meaning they are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 165 degrees Celsius, while withstanding extremely high-speed rotation. 

Simply better boots
  • Trelleborg inboard boots are designed to adapt to the dynamic movements and plunge of the driveshaft, resist rotation, and retain a perfect seal, even at high speeds.
  • Our inboard boots are built to handle the high temperatures: 165°C pick and 130°C constant—generated by proximity to the engine and exhaust line.
  • Our inboard boots can be compressed and extended by up to 50% to adapt to variant wheel movements and steering-shaft changes caused by poor roads.