Technology Day 2019

Hello! You are invited to Trelleborg Boots Technology Day.

Please add our Trelleborg Boots Technology Day to your calendar: Talk to us at GKN Driveline Lohmar on March 15th, 2019.

Talk to our experts who will be on-site to help you learn more about how Trelleborg can contribute to better business, sustainability and profitability for your driveline systems.

On March 15th we’ll be showcasing how our boots offer you superior performance, faster assembly time, extra durability and enhanced flexibility. Our boots that aren’t just better for business, they reduce waste and conserve energy too. A perfect fit for your product portfolio and company profile.

What can be expected from this day with us?

A part from meeting our experts, you'll see us demonstrate the benefits of Trelleborg Boots in different areas. During the session you will get a better understanding of who we are and what we can do for you. You will also have great opportunities to talk to our experts from different disciplines, each of them dedicated to key areas of the Trilobe Boot with Retention Feature environment.

Watch simulation of how FEA technologies can design
the perfect boot for your product
Experience how our Injection Blow Molding process produces boots with less weight, at less cost, using less energy.
Discover the benefits of a Retention Feature included into the Boot design
We’ll show you just how effective our seal systems are and how it meets your expectations.
See how you can save time and costs by outsourcing
your testing procedures
And last, but not least, come and see the new revolutionary method to measure your boots.

Reserve your seat now!

Our experts will be on site on March 15th 2019. Please complete the form below to reserve a seat. You’ll find us at your main meeting room at GKN Driveline Lohmar. We’ll show you how Trelleborg's boots help cars go further and longer.

Yes, I would like to attend!

We kindly ask you to sign up using the form below, in order to better allow us to organize the sessions. You are of course welcome to join even without signing up, or to change sessions, space permitting.

Please let us know who you are by filling completing the information below:

Session 1: 9 am-11 am
Session 2: 1.30 pm-3.30 pm