Retention Force on Trilobe TPE Boot -

Building a boot with 1,000 newton retention force

Trelleborg’s trilobe retention boot is a masterpiece of engineering, bringing together a series of innovations that result in the most flexible, resistant, and durable product available on the market.

The trilobe retention boot protects and retains the rollers at the end of the shaft where they are free inside the tulip. Strong and durable, the boots can protect the rollers to a force greater than 1000 N. That will simplify and secure handling of the complete shaft during transportation, car assembly or maintenance at the garage, maintaining roller in a safe position inside the grooves.

An industry first
Trelleborg is the only boot manufacturer to have perfected the art of the custom-designed boot. While our competitors produce boots through an extrusion blowing process that results in a circular boot, we can produce non-circular boots, boots with ribs, and other specialties that meet your requirements more exactly and compactly. The result is a boot that delivers superior performance, reliability, and a longer life at a lower cost.

Better for business
Whether you’re an automaker or a Tier 1 supplier, you’ll see better performance and more business value when you use Trelleborg’s trilobe retention boots. For car manufacturers, their compact design reduces weight and fits into the tightest spots around today’s modern engines. And for Tier 1 suppliers, the unique all-in-one design provides a better seal while streamlining the purchasing and inventory management process, optimizing the supply chain, shortening assembly time, and reducing material costs. 

Sustainable solutions
Trelleborg’s trilobe retention boots aren’t just better for business. They’re better for the environment, too. With a unique, compact design that uses less material and fewer resources, it helps to reduce waste and conserve energy. And because our trilobe boots are constructed from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), they’re also more easily recycled when they reach the end of their long, long lifespan.

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Trelleborg Trilobe boot in tray

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