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High angle outboard boots

Modern car designs involve many challenges for boots. As wheel bases become larger and drive chain layouts more diversified, it increases the need for a smaller turning radius, and steeper turning angle on wheels. This in turn creates a higher working angle on the half shaft’s outboard joint. 
Previously, the maximum working angle was around 45°. This is now at 50° and rising, creating challenges on boot design as it reduces the space between the shaft and housing for the boot when the joint is at its maximum angle.
Our outboard boots satisfy automakers’ requirements for higher angles, longer lifespans and greater quality & efficiency. 

Designed and tested in our R&D Centre

Our dedicated R&D centre designs and tests high angle outboard boots to pass the exacting criteria and quality standards demanded by our customers. Using Finite Element Analysis, bench testing and other approved tests, we produce boots that create a tighter, more reliable, more durable seal.

Specified by Honda
Honda required a boot with a maximum working angle of 48.8°. We produced a boot that passes the expected criteria after a customer test specification, especially at the maximum angle. The boot displayed no concave deformation under negative pressure and no pinching between the shaft and housing.

Surpassing angles of 54°
Thanks to the success of the Honda case we are developing boots with even higher angles. One customer has specified a boot for a joint with an operating angle of 54°. Our experience in working with advanced R&D, cutting-edge materials and quality standards make us the ideal partner for producing boots for ever-higher working angles. 

Feel free to contact us today to discuss how our high angled boots offer you better functions for even better business.

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