Boots for a Worldwide Market -

Boots for a worldwide market

Trelleborg’s unique infrastructure supports a worldwide market while ensuring every customer receives personalized service and a product that fits their market perfectly.

Global R&D headquarters
From our design headquarters in France, our dedicated team of R&D specialists can develop a boot prototype to meet any requirement or specification. Then we manufacture the boots from your choice of production facilities in Europe, China, or North America. This approach ensures consistently superior design and faster, more affordable production for our customers.

Dedicated, one-on-one service
To ensure accountability and consistency in the design and production of your boots, we assign a dedicated engineer to every customer. Your engineer understands your market, speaks your language, and is directly responsible to you for the production process and timelines, the confidentiality of your information, and the ultimate quality of the finished product. 

Providing a localized means of production and personalized attention ensures our customers enjoy a smoother, more responsive production experience while saving money on production equipment and tools. 

Global standards, local adaptation
Trelleborg standardizes the organization and management of the production part approval process (PPAP) to apply global measures of quality and control. At the local level, the engineer ensures the parts are adapted to the requirements of the local market. 

By combining global standards with localization services, we give our customers the benefit of our worldwide network of expertise and the advantage of a truly customized product.

Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect boots for your vehicles and your local market.

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