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Anti-snaking rack & pinion boots

Snaking is the phenomena of bending in a boot when the Rack & Pinion system is subjected to high pressure. This deformation creates holes in a boot in two ways: abrasion, caused by contact with surrounding systems; and puncture, when the boot is pinched between two hard elements. In the worst case the Rack & Pinion could suffer a breakdown and the car would lose steering.

Trelleborg Boots help solve issues that are not manageable by the Rack & Pinion system itself.

Patented anti-snaking solutions
Our Technical Center develops anti-snaking design solutions to prevent breakdown. Using design studies and Finite Element Analysis our boots use a patented design to withstand very high pressures, especially those experienced on sealed systems such as electric steering.

Another patented solution from Trelleborg Boots is a breathing system which allows the whole system to breathe through the boot without letting in water or other elements. Venting can be directly implemented on the gear or on the boot, removing the issue of snaking. 

Contact us before your next project to find out how our boots can offer the best solution for your steering gear.

Trelleborg test rig

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