Creating a tool from Invar, aluminum, steel or carbon fiber prepreg can be costly, with long lead times and lengthy processing. Tooling materials that are durable and strong enough to be used for direct to part production increase efficiency, negating the need for multiple processing stages and reducing timescales. 

TD1200 is a high temperature carbon fiber infused, polymer tooling material, designed for high volume direct to part production. Thermally stable up to +180 OC, with a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), TD1200 is an alternative to Invar, aluminum, prepreg and steel, making it ideal for the aerospace and automotive industries. 

TD1200 can be built into blocks and machined to a specific shape using traditional cutting tools. It is easily processed to achieve either a matt or high gloss finish, requiring minimal surface preparation. 

Multiple parts can be made directly from TD1200, as the material provides excellent toughness and durability, maintaining its shape at elevated temperatures. 

Low coefficient of thermal expansion of 2.85 ppm/OC

Suitable for maximum service temperature use up to +180 OC

Multiple finished parts can be made from the tooling 

Consistent, reliable performance

Excellent toughness and durability

Can be machined to any shape required

Matt or high gloss finish

Requires minimal surface preparation


Direct to part tooling 

Alternative to Inver, aluminum, prepreg and steel 

High volume part production 

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