As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the environment, Trelleborg's latest tooling board the TC760X provides a dust free machining experience reducing airborne particles and environmental impact, and improving production efficiency.

TC760X is a medium temperature, low density syntactic epoxy tooling board designed to act as a more durable/higher temperature master molding base or facilitate direct-to-part tooling.

 TC760X is a superior quality tooling board, offering crack resistance and dust free machining.

Dust free machining

Excess product comes off in large flakes rather than dust, significantly reducing residue on machinery

A class surface finish

Can be machined to a high quality surface finish that requires virtually no finishing

Excellent toughness and durability

Maintains its shape at elevated temperatures with minimal cracking and edge chipping

Suitable for operation temperature use up to 135°C*

Easy to seal

Requires up to just 4 coats

Key Applications

Master models, direct to part tooling

Lay-up tools for low and medium temperature epoxy prepregs

Product sizes

TC760X is available in a standard board size of  24” x 60” at the following thickness: 2”, 3”, 4” and 6”


TC760X can be sawn using carbide or diamond coated saw blades or cutting wheels


Large patterns can be constructed from boards using the appropriately selected epoxy adhesive system. Trelleborg adhesive system 551A/B is recommended. The adhesive system must offer adequate pot life and be capable of meeting the mechanical and thermal properties of the tooling board.

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Typical Properties



Density  740 kg/m³
Shore hardness 80D ASTM D2240
Uniaxial compressive stress
Uniaxial compressive modulus
55 MPa
2655 MPa
Tensile stress
Tensile moduls
27 MPa
2600 MPa
Flexural strength
Flexural modulus
28 MPa
2100 MPa
Shear strength    ASTM D732
Heat deflection temperature (TMA) 135 ºC* ASTM D648-18
Glass transition temperature (DCS) 135 ºC*  ASTM E1256
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (0 - 130°C)
40 x 10-6/ °C  ASTM E831-14 
Thermal conductivity (guarded hot plate) 90°C (W/m/°K
0.132 ASTM C518
Explosion severity (machining chips)
Kst value
93 m*bar/s
ASTM E1226
Multi axial high-speed impact
Energy @ peak load
Energy @ break
Total energy 
ASTM D3763-18

product sheet
case study

Trelleborg's development of TC760X with Fibreworks Composites

*+/- 5ºC