Trelleborg TC760 is a superior quality tooling board, offering premium performance, whilst maintaining a cost-effective solution.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Consistent, predictable performance

Inert surface

Chemically compatible with tooling prepregs

Suitable for use up to 145ºC

Can be directly used for the production of parts

Quick mold preparation

Exceptionally easy to mold

Minimal Seal

Outstanding finish in just coats

Smooth surface finish

Excellent dimensional stability

Temperature  resistance

Key Applications

TC760 offers many different benefits and used for the following:

Direct to part manufacturing

Master models

Lay-up tools for medium to high temperatures curing epoxy prepregs

Product sizes

TC760 is available in a standard board size of 24” x 60” at the following thicknesses: 2", 3", 4" and 6".


The board should be stored in a dry warehouse.

Health & Safety

Eye protection and a face mask should be worn when working with Trelleborg TC760. Please refer to the Trelleborg MSDS.


Typical Properties



Density  740 kg/m(3)  BS150 1183-3:1999 
Shore Hardness
BS150868: 1998 
Uniaxial Compressive Strength  60 Mpa  ASTM D694-02a 
HDT  145ºC  ASTM E 2092
Glass Transition Temperature  140ºC
BS EN ISO 11357-2 
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
34x10(6)/ºC  ASTM 228-95 
Flexural Strength
30 Mpa  BS 2782 
Flexural Modulus  2,200 Mpa  BS 2782

BS 2782
BS 2782

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