Trelleborg TC460 is an ultra-high temperature, low-density syntactic epoxy tooling board designed to meet the needs of mold makers for lightweight, CNC machinable board that produces close-tolerance, durable tools, tooling jigs, checking fixtures and prepreg lay-up molds.

Excellent dimensional stability and temperature resistance

Low coefficient of thermal resistance

Suitable for use with temperatures up to 260ºC 

Ensures good compatibility with intermediate temperature curing prepegs

Smooth, non-porous surface finish requiring virtually no finishing or polishing

Consistent, reliable performance

Tools are durable to withstand fabrication of multiple parts. Finished parts can be made direct from the tooling.

Key Applications

TC460 offers many benefits and used for the following:

Master models

Direct to part manufacturing. Use as an alternative to metal.

Lay-up tools for high temperature curing epoxy prepregs

Light weight coring materials

Product sizes

TC460 is available in a standard board size of 24” x 60” at the following thicknesses: 2", 3", 4" and 6".


The board should be stored in a dry warehouse.

Health & Safety

Eye protection and a face mask should be worn when working with Trelleborg TC460. Please refer to the Trelleborg MSDS.


TC460 Typical Properties




Density 740 kg/m³
Heat distortion temperature
232 °C
BS 2782
Coefficient of thermal expansion
31 x 10⁶ / °C BS EN ISO 11359-2
Compressive strength
51 MPa
Shore hardness
78 D  
product sheet
Epoxy Tooling Board, Epoxy Tooling Block, Trelleborg Applied Technology

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