Syntac® TMax

Syntac® TMax

Syntac® TMax is a high performance syntactic foam. A rigid, high strength composite of epoxy resin and hollow glass microspheres. Syntac® TMax maintains its strength right up to the maximum running temperature and exhibits reduced plug build up while operating at these high temperatures. In addition, Syntac® TMax also exhibits excellent abrasion resistant properties coupled with a maximum running temperature of 450 °F / 232 °C. Syntac® TMax was developed to meet and exceed the distinctive expectations of our thermoforming customers.

Superior slip and release properties

High temperature 450 °F / 232 °C

Improved clarity

Elimination of swirl and chill marks

Lower sheet temperatures with reduced sticking

Available in a wide range of block, rods and sheets

Uniform material distribution

Key Applications

Syntac® TMax materials can be polished to achieve an extremely smooth surface finish.

Syntac® TMax Typical Properties

Syntac® TMax Imperial Metric


Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta

Density  53 lb/ft3 849 kg/m2
Service Temperature  450°F 323°C 
Thermal Conductivity  0.06 BTU/hr-ft°F 0.11 W/m°K 
Specific Heat  0.50 BTU/lb°F 2090 J/kg°K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  16x10-8 in/in/°F
31x10-8 cm/cm/°C
Compressive Strenght  10,700 psi 74 MPa
Compressive Modulus  361,500 psi 2492 MPa
Shore D Hardness  75°D at 37°F
55°D at 450°F
75°D at 23°F
55°D at 232°F
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Syntac® TMax is a Teflon® impregnated, high performance syntactic foam.

Syntac® TMax

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